About CEMS-Global (Organizer)

About CEMS-Global (Organizer)

Established in 1992, CEMS-Global has been breaking barriers and evolving in this span of 28 years as a professional Multinational Exhibition & Convention Organizer with operations across 4 continents. The company has committed itself to organizing successful B2B Trade Shows for major Business sectors of the trade and economy. 

Over the stretch of nearly 3 decades, CEMS-Global has collaborated with several International Trade Promotion organizations, Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce’s, Export Promotion Councils, Governments.

Our 40 Successful Trade shows per annum being held across 4 continents in highly potential and developing countries have benefited hundreds of thousands of Manufacturers, Numerous Industry sectors and boosted International Trade & Development in many countries.

CEMS-Global, journey of 25 years

Here at CEMS-Global, we pursue perfection! We acquire excellence, at a minimum, in the process. With our 40 Trade Shows on important business sectors and estimable global presence across 4 continents, we revolutionize our Events into triumphant Trade Shows with focus on our creativity, understanding, expertise and flair.

Bringing all of these aspects together, we reinvent events to transform the ordinary into extraordinary while assembling successful Trade Shows in key potential markets as a company with Global presence along with many proven records of accomplishments.

CEMS-Global USA also provides Strategy Consultancy & High-Value Management Services and lays its vast global experience, knowledge and expertise at the disposal of Clients in essence of assisting Business/Trade Associations and Enterprises to improve their business strategies, efficiency and performance or enter new markets with our proven system to reach the goal.

Our dedicated team stands firm in helping you make the right decisions for participation in a Trade Show or enhance your Businesses in the next potent market best suited to yield exceptional results for you.

With more than 750 Trade Shows
54,577+ Exhibitors
1.65+ Million Attendees in our portfolio
we are devoted to take you where markets are….

Want to know more about our exhibitions? Then please visit our global website…

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