Event Profile

Event Profile

Being held yearly for the past 14 years, the `Dhaka Motor Show stands strong as one of the flagship events of CEMS-Global in Bangladesh and has become an exemplary of the country as the ONLY International Automotive Exhibition in Bangladesh. The country’s evolvement in the Middle-class segment has led to a surge in Motor vehicle sales despite the rise in import taxes. Bangladesh – one of the strong countries in the South-Asian Nation with a fast-growing economy sees `Dhaka Motor Show’ as a platform for launching the latest models of renowned brands like Hyundai, Mercedes, Range Rover, Mitsuoka, Toyota and many more. All previous editions have thrived and played a major role in the enormous rise in sales of new vehicles. With CEMS-Global changing its strategy in 2019 to highlight and firmly back Vehicle distributors showcasing Cars, Commercial Vehicles for the Middle and Upper-Middle class segment and vehicles for Rural utilization – one of the large and potential segments in Bangladesh.

The beginning of a new decade calls for another astounding edition – `15th Dhaka Motor Show 2021’ being organized by `CEMS-Global USA’ in collaboration with `CEMS Bangladesh’ will be held from 08 ~ 10 July, 2021. As usual, `Dhaka Motor Show’ will reveal the swift progress of the global industry to the country and will be a platform to launch many new vehicles along with new technology components.  

The well-thought-out infrastructure provides ample opportunities for consumers of vehicles to see the latest that the market has to offer and for business visitors to connect with brands in a highly qualified environment. Apart from being a networking ground, the Motor Show is also an ideal platform to find business partners and form strategic alliances for outsourcing, manufacturing, sub-contracting, designing, developing and direct marketing.

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